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Shalom Plumbing, LLC offers a variety of drain and sewer services throughout Palm Beach County. The sewer and drain systems of your home or business, is an integral part of your daily life. While most people don’t give them a second thought, your drains and sewer lines are almost constantly hard at work disposing of your home of business's sewage. With such an important job, make sure that you have a professional plumber near you that perform any kind of installation or repair work. Shalom Plumbing, LLC provides comprehensive drain and sewer services.


SHALOM PLUMBING, LLC is here to solve ALL your residential and commercial plumbing needs.

pastedGraphic.png  Kitchen Drain Cleaning

pastedGraphic_1.png  Bar Drain Cleaning

pastedGraphic_2.png  Bathroom Drain Cleaning

pastedGraphic_3.png  Laundry Drain Cleaning

pastedGraphic.png  Outdoor Drain Cleaning


Shalom Plumbing, LLC installation technicians are the best in skill, attitude and workmanship. They will care for your home and complete the job with speed and precision. They will not wear shoes on your carpets. They will clean up when they are finished and take personal responsibility for your satisfaction.

Shalom Plumbing, LLC is committed to providing the finest plumbing services available to our most valuable resource, the customer. Our customers will receive services and products that meet or exceed their expectations or we will make it right. We have the finest trained personnel to assist our customers at their home or business. Shalom Plumbing, LLC is committed to setting the standard for excellence in plumbing in Palm Beach County.


We offer the following when it comes to residential and commercial plumbing:

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