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Book Online Any Of The Following Natural Or Propane Gas Issues:

Range Gas Connection

Cooktop Gas Connection

Stove Gas Connection

Clothes Dryer Gas Connection

Tank Water Heater Gas Connection

Tankless Water Heater Gas Installation

Fireplace Gas Installation

Generator Gas Installation

Pool Heater Gas Installation

Grill Gas Installation

Fire Pit Gas Installation

Gas Odor Inside The House

Gas Odor Outside The House

Leaking Shut-Off Gas Valve

Leaking Flexible Gas Line

Visual Corrode Shut-Off Gas Valve

Visual Corrode Metal Gas Pipe 

Convert Natural Gas To Propane Gas

Convert Propane Gas To Natural Gas

Orange Or Yellow Flames In Equipment


When looking into buying new appliances for your home, one of the first things you’d consider is choosing between gas or electric. Gas can power furnaces, fireplaces, water heaters, stoves, pool heaters and more. While electric appliances would be connected by an electrician, it surprises some to learn that gas line repair and installation falls under the plumber’s umbrella. Are you looking to have a gas line put in to connect a new gas water heater? Do you faintly smell something sulfurous coming from your kitchen and suspect a gas line leak? Our team of Palm Beach County plumbers at Shalom Plumbing is just a phone call away whenever you need expert gas line plumbing services.


There are several reasons you should use gas in your Palm Beach County home. First off, if you have access to the municipal supply of gas then you can reap the benefits of the affordability of such a fuel source. In fact, when compared to their electrical counterparts, gas appliances have a lot to offer in terms of savings.

Plus, gas appliances burn clean, and you’ll typically find that it’s easier to cook over a flame rather than an electric heating element. Lastly, flexible gas lines make the installation of gas–powered installation far easier than it would be otherwise. Flexible gas lines reduce the risk of gas leaks as typical iron pipe installations have many sharp angles, tee, and coupling fittings that are not required with flexible gas lines.

The application of gas pipes allows you to enjoy many amenities at home with minimal effort or cost. As mentioned above, gas allows for easier cooking. It also allows for more affordable water heating if you choose a gas water heater rather than an electric model. Other uses include Stove, Cloth Dryer, BBQ pits, pool heaters, and fireplaces.


Gas leaks should never be shrugged off, carbon monoxide is detrimental to your health and in worst case scenarios can lead to explosions or gas poisoning. If you suspect a gas leak, call your gas company to shut off your gas line immediately, air out the area and call a plumber who is experienced working with gas. You may be wondering “how does a plumber find a gas leak?” At Shalom Plumbing we have experience plumbers who understand how to safely detect gas leaks using a combination of specialized tools and their detective skills to inspect for things like discolored flames. If you have a gas leak in Palm Beach County, call Shalom Plumbing. We’re local plumbers who are licensed and trained to provide gas line plumbing services and emergency plumbing to all of Palm Beach County.


When a gas leak has been identified the next step is having your gas line repaired. Repairing a gas leak ensures the gas isn’t risking your health, helps your gas appliances run smoother and lowers your gas bill. A plumber certified for gas line repair and installation, like Shalom Plumbing, can determine what’s causing the leak and replace or repair any gas line pipes, connectors or other damaged pieces. If you have a gas leak in Palm Beach County don’t stress yourself searching for gas plumbers near me, call us and we’ll send a trusted, local plumber to safely repair the leak.

Don't let a plumbing problem became a catastrophe!

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