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    Every year
    Membership Inclusion Below :
    • Free annual plumbing inspection
    • Waived standard service call fee
    • Waived standard diagnostic fee
    • 15% discount on all plumbing services
    • 10% discount on all drain cleaning services
    • $50.00 off on water heater replacement
    • 6 month warranty on all labor and parts
    • Priority scheduling over other customers

Once you have become a preferred member, you can expect our highly trained and professional service plumbers to become completely familiar with you and your home’s needs. Experts recommend having your plumbing system inspected at least once a year to detect problems before they start. We will inspect all exposed plumbing connections and advise you of any needed repairs plus we will make recommendations to help ensure your plumbing system is operating properly. Your membership is transferable either to the buyer of your current home or your new home in our service area.

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