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Book Online Any Of The Following Outdoor Plumbing Issues:

Main Shut-Off Valve Installation Or Replacement

Leaking Water From Main Shut-Off Valve

Hose Bib(s) Installation Or Replacement

Dripping Water From Hose Bib

Well Water Pump Installation Or Replacement

Well Water Pump Doesn't Stop Running

Well Water Pump Loud Noise When Running

Leaking Water From Well Water Pump

Well Water Bad Odor From Whole House Fixtures

Present Electrical Bypass In Water Supply

Backflow Preventer Installation Or Replacement

Backflow Preventer Testing And Certification

Leaking Water Backflow Preventer

Dripping Water From Backflow Preventer

Backflow Preventer Required Repair


The last thing you need when you leave your home for a vacation or just a weekend away is for your plumbing to spring a leak and lead to flooding of your Palm Beach County property. Water damage can be devastating, not to mention expensive to fix. Fortunately, you can turn to Shalom Plumbing for the installation and service of an automatic shut-off valve.

An automatic shut-off valve is a special emergency shut-off valve that we can install directly into your plumbing system in order to prevent flooding. You don’t even have to be home to use this system!


Your waterline system is what connects all your plumbing fixtures, providing water to many appliances throughout your home. A damaged water line impedes on your day-to-day activities and can be potentially dangerous to both your home and health. Having your water lines repaired or re-piped as soon as you suspect an issue can prevent disasters like water damage and ensures the water being used by your family is safe. When you need a Palm Beach County plumbing company with expertise in water line piping and re-piping, Shalom Plumbing is just a call away. We’re a plumbing company that offers standard and emergency plumbing services for all your water line repair or installation needs.



Do you get your water from a well? Many of our customers rely on their property for their water supply, and if you’re among them, then you’ll need to consider the pump that drives this underground water supply up into the house. The well pump may not be the first thing you think of when keeping your home in good working order, but it’s definitely something to remember. The well pump is chiefly responsible for pulling your well water up to the surface so that it is pressurized for use throughout the various fixtures and plumbed appliances in the home. We specialize in a wide range of well pump services throughout the area, including new well pump installation as well as replacement, not to mention well pump repairs.


Do you know why Backflow is a problem? This is when wastewater is pulled back into the freshwater system of your Palm Beach County property plumbing system, potentially contaminating the water supply with pesticides and other potentially harmful pollutants. Fortunately, you can avoid this with the right Backflow prevention device, installed by the team here at Shalom Plumbing.

A Backflow preventer is a solution to any Backflow problems you could experience, protecting your water supply from the threat of back-siphonage. Be sure to reach out to our team to learn more about this solution.

Don't let a plumbing problem became a catastrophe!

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