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Book Online Any Of The Following Tank Water Heater Issues:

Tank Water Heater Installation

Tank Water Heater Replacement

No Hot Water From Whole House Faucets 

No Enough Hot Water From Whole House Faucets

Long Time To Get Hot Water From Faucets

Leaking Water From Water Heater Pipes

Leaking Water From Tank Water Heater

Dripping Water From T&P Valve

Gas Odor From Water Heater Area

No Gas Tank Water Heater Ignition

Gas Tank Water Heater Flame Failure

Loose Gas Water Heater Vent Pipe

Blockage Gas Water Heater Vent Pipe

Loud Noise Coming From Water Heater

Present Electrical Bypass In Water Heater

Recirculating Pump Replacement

Thermal Expansion Tank Replacement

Rotten Egg Odor From Hot Water

Discolored Hot Water Coming From Faucets


Have you ever stepped into an ice-cold shower when you were expecting warm water? Unless you enjoy bathing in freezing temperatures chances are you started searching for plumbers in the area as soon as you stepped out. Water heaters regulate both the temperature and pressure of gallons upon gallons of water for your home. Naturally, with extended use and age, they’ll require more maintenance to run properly and prevent leaks. If you find yourself needing ​​affordable plumbing our local plumbers will proficiently solve your plumbing problems, so you can get back to taking hot showers and enjoying your day without worry. 


Water heaters are full of plumbing pipes, pressure sensors and heating elements. When you need a water heater repaired or installed you don’t want just any handyman plumber, you need a Palm Beach County plumbing company you can trust to do the work the right way. At Shalom Plumbing we offer many waters heater plumbing services such as repairing leaks, replacing broken parts, or installing a new heater for you. When your water heater isn’t working, we’re here to help you determine the best solution, work within your budget, and ensure you have a working water heater in no time.


Not having hot water is inconvenient enough already but leaks in your water heater can lead to even more headaches and expensive home repairs. Sometimes leaks are caused by a loosely sealed pipe or a misaligned part, other times it may result from internal damage like a crack in the tank itself. If you’ve spotted a leak, it’s important to call our trusted plumbers right away, as even small amounts of water can lead to large amounts of damage. Shalom Plumbing offers fast response plumbing for all your Palm Beach County water heater repair needs. Save yourself the headaches, call us today for reliable and affordable tank water heater repair.


Maintaining your water heater may not seem like a big priority, but smaller maintenance plumbing services can save you large amounts of money in the long run. Regular maintenance keeps your heater running smoothly and prevents minor issues from becoming major repairs. The biggest problem with most water heaters is minerals building up inside the unit. These minerals can be cleaned by having a professional plumber flush everything out, but when left to accumulate over longer periods of time, this can become catastrophic to your unit in numerous ways. 

Maintenance water heaters doesn’t need to be costly or time consuming. Our team of local plumbers in Palm Beach County will work with you to determine your water heater maintenance needs, how we can help, and what you can do from home.

Don't let a plumbing problem became a catastrophe!

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