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Book Online Any Of The Following Drain Pipes Issues:

Broken Kitchen Sink Drain Pipe

Collapsed Kitchen Sink Drain Pipe

Broken Bar Sink Drain Pipe

Collapsed Bar Sink Drain Pipe

Broken Lavatory Sink Drain Pipe

Collapsed Lavatory Sink Drain Pipe

Broken Toilet Drain Pipe

Collapsed Toilet Drain Pipe

Broken Bidet Drain Pipe

Collapsed Bidet Drain Pipe

Broken Urinal Drain Pipe

Collapsed Urinal Drain Pipe

Broken Bathtub Drain Pipe

Collapsed Bathtub Drain Pipe

Broken Shower Pan Drain Pipe

Collapsed Shower Pan Drain Pipe

Broken Washing Machine Drain Pipe

Collapsed Washing Machine Drain Pipe

Broken Utility Sink Drain Pipe

Collapsed Utility Sink Drain Pipe

Broken Floor Drain Pipe

Collapsed Floor Drain Pipe


All of the water that your plumbing system brings into your home must be disposed of after its use, which is where your drains come into play. When you drain your sink or your bathtub, the water goes down the drain and is brought out to the sewer line. It should go without saying that any problems with your drains are cause for serious concern. If you suspect that your drain lines are damaged in any way, do not hesitate to dial our number in order to schedule professional drain repair in Palm Beach County. We’ll have your drains back on track in no time.

Whenever something goes wrong with your plumbing system, you need to hire a professional plumber to resolve the problem. Any attempts to repair your plumbing system or any of its components on your own will likely only result in further damages. When in doubt, contact the plumbing professionals here at Shalom Plumbing. Whatever issues you may encounter, we’ll resolve them completely.


There are a number of problems which can lead to the need for drain repair in your home. Perhaps you are having your bathroom remodeled, and the drain line at the sink was damaged in the process, unbeknownst to you. It is also possible for serious blockages to result in damage, with the pressure inside of the drainage system being thrown off. Over time, the materials composing your drain lines may also degrade, leading to eventual damages. No matter what the specific cause of your drain damages, though, our plumbers have the training and experience necessary to expertly fix them.


You probably don’t visually inspect the exposed portions of your drain lines very often, and there is no guarantee that the problems you encounter with your drains will be easily accessible for any such inspection. That is why it is important that you remain aware of any warning signs that your drains are in trouble. If they are backing up frequently, if you notice water pooling beneath your sink or around your bathtub, or even if you hear strange sounds coming from them when draining your sink or tub, give us a call. There are no guarantees as to what the issue is, but it is always best to play it safe and to have the system inspected by a qualified party.


As is the case with any plumbing problems, your drain issues are only going to get worse over time. The moment that you suspect that there is a problem with your drains is the moment in which you should pick up your phone and dial our number. While we cannot guarantee that you’ll never encounter any problems with your drains, we can guarantee that, when you do, our plumbers will provide you with the quality services required for the resolution of those problems. We can also guarantee your 100% satisfaction with all of the work that we do.

Don't let a plumbing problem became a catastrophe!

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