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Book Online Any Of The Following Tankless Water Heater Issues:

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless Water Heater Replacement

No Hot Water From Whole House Fixtures

No Enough Hot Water From Whole House Fixtures

Long Time To Get Hot Water From Fixtures

Leaking Water From Water Heater Pipes

Leaking Water From Tankless Water Heater

Dripping Water From T&P Relief Valve

Gas Odor From Water Heater Area

No Gas Tankless Water Heater Ignition

Gas Tankless Water Heater Flame Failure

Loud Noise Coming From Water Heater

Present Electrical Bypass In Water Heater

Loose Or blockage Air Supply Pipe

Loose Or Blockage Vapor Exhaust Pipe

Sandwich Effect (Hot Water Turn Cold And Vice Versa)

T&P Relief Valve Replacement


Tankless water heaters are different from conventional models. Intended to conserve energy and last for almost twice as long as regular water heaters, tankless heaters are a great choice for saving space and going green. Tankless water heaters have somewhat different components and functionality. This means the maintenance, repairs and installation are all a little different, too. When sorting through plumbing companies you’ll want to ensure a licensed, trusted plumber with tankless water heater experience is the one you call. Shalom Plumbing is the leader in providing affordable plumbing and water heaters to our Palm Beach County community.



Tankless water heaters are smaller than conventional units and often mounted to the wall. These heaters save floor space and since they have no holding tank, greatly reduce the risk of water damaging your home. Adding a tankless water heater to your home often involves moving or extending existing piping, while for gas tankless water heaters specifically a safety vent may need to be installed. One of our knowledgeable technicians can help you decide which water heater is best for your home and take the confusion out of switching to an energy saving tankless option. 

While convenient, their smaller size and complexity does however mean they can be highly susceptible to mineral accumulations that cause damage and interfere with the heating elements. If your tankless gas or electric water heater isn’t producing hot water, we can assess the cause and repair or replace the components needed. Our local plumbers are water heater repair experts and can recommend a maintenance plan to keep your unit running smoothly, saving you from future repair costs and inconveniences.


Maintenance is a big determining factor for the longevity of any water heater, and for a tankless water heater it’s even more crucial as the smaller components can’t take the abuse a traditional model may withstand. To keep your tankless water heater running for its fully expected lifespan, having a plumbing cleanout, often referred to as a flush, twice yearly is highly recommended. A flush clears out minerals that otherwise layer over your heating elements and cause internal damage. If filters aren’t changed, sediments aren’t flushed out, and the problem is left for too long, your tankless water heater could survive for only two short years as opposed to two decades. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you preserve your water heater for years to come and reduce your repair costs.

Don't let a plumbing problem became a catastrophe!

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